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(updated) August 29 2005


Further to my statements published in the Australian Senate
Hansard on May 29 1981,
I affirm to continue my 20-year-old action of withholding all taxation for which I am responsible from the government of Australia. It is the only action remaining by which I can oppose responsibly the nation's complicity in the atrocity of abortion, feticide, infanticide and other human abusive scientific procedures.

A citizen's payment of taxation to a state (when an option to pay or not pay exists) constitutes a wilful or default endorsement of that state's activities. If a state acts in an unjust or insidious manner, even with a vast majority of civilian endorsement, the wilful payment of taxation (where option exists not to pay) binds the individual taxpayer to complicity in the unjust and detrimental actions. This is even more the case in a democratic state because such a political system bestows greater responsibility upon its citizens than does a more totalitarian state where citizens can be violently induced to obey given directives.

A democratic state can be described as a community process collectively striving to and demonstrably progressing towards idealism. While still in progress to this goal it is clearly vulnerable to errors and mass self-deception and consequently also inevitable mass self-destruction. Civil disobedience by (feasibly extreme) minorities in that state can in some cases be its (the state's) only means of correction and the only means of averting personal catastrophe for the conscience bound opposing minority. In a Western democratic state the tax transaction represents the authority and empirical power of the citizen. To be democratic, option must exist for the citizen to wield this power singularly or collectively. If the citizen is not represented (concerning an extreme and serious matter) by the state's activities, the option to withhold tax payment can be honourably considered. The withholding of personal and in some cases company tax can under some extreme circumstances become civil duty.

Whatever activity one endorses for other citizens or the state, one must accept as also ultimately endorsed for oneself. This is the expected and proper formula of civil participation. When endorsement of state activity potentially brings complicity in social decay and serious injustice, passive resistance can become civil duty. Abidance or assent to unjust and immoral state affairs in some cases constitutes neglect of duty and complicity in tyranny. To engage one's actions against the state according to conscience can be remedial for the state as well as personally self-defensive. Passive civil disobedience by the citizenry can become an instrument of correction for a mass-deceived society. The civil disobedience must be measured in proportion to the exceptionalness, seriousness and nature of state's injustice.

The use and supply of death by the state (by way of direct abortions including some procedures of medical and genetic research, also indirectly by abortifacients) constitutes tyranny and immoral behaviour of the greatest magnitude and therefore warrants an unconditional and complete cessation of complicity by the enacting of remedial action including and especially the withholding of taxation.

This can be likened to judicial discretion where a bench member's only option to conform to his or her conscience (where the law in their opinion is about to inflict unacceptable injustice) is to resign from the bench. Similarly, each member of society is ultimately responsible for their individual (judicial) discretion and responsibility while enacting their citizenry roles.

Since I began this action in 1980 numerous indications of insidious social decay have become evident. As predicted in the 1970s by those opposing abortion, social standards have now reached an even more barbaric and obscene level with the acceptance and social endorsement of Partial Birth Abortions and obscene genetic and IVF research on humans. The acceptability of partial birth abortions alone reveals regression in social conscience, compassion and sanity. This decay is evidence of the insidious path upon which society has embarked. It is my strong belief it can only lead to en-mass catastrophe. This is especially so now that Australia has followed America into an absolutely immoral and barbaric war against the Iraqi people. A few decades ago this would almost certainly not have occurred, indicating that social awareness and weilding of right, wrong, good and bad are in serious decay.

Society's acceptance of abortion and the vast escalation of the industry that has ensued over the past quarter century was almost certainly accelerated if not spawned by the abortifacient industry which has deceptively been marketed as contraceptive. By and large the public has been misinformed and given half truths about the nature of so called 'contraceptive pill and the IUD. The drug companies and scientists have allowed the en-masse public's descendants to be washed down the sewers of the world. I believe these innovations will eventually be revealed to have led society into deeper perversities of sexuality and rationality.

Whatever processes occur (anywhere) within our bodies (irrespective of how deep in the microcosm they exist), they ultimately exude through our thoughts, words and actions into the surroundings of our world. When we (knowingly or unknowingly) kill within ourselves, we cannot (over time) hold back killing outside and around ourselves. It is feasible that if abortifacients were removed from public consumption, a subsequent vast reduction in abortion approval (currently around 80%) would follow.


Marijonas Vytautas Vilkelis-Curas