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A vast multitude of humanity is unknowingly lighting the fires of death and bondage.
Deceived, misled and exploited through their weakness and vulnerability by their mostly naive and misguided leaders, their governments, doctors, drug companies and ethicists, they are unknowingly killing their progeny and therefore destroying their future and their freedom through the use of abortifacients such as the 'contraceptive' pill and the 'Inter Uterine Device'(IUD).

They are enslaving themselves and their future generations into bondage. The en-mass public is not informed that some ovulation is certain to occur and therefore some conception is anticipated with certainty. These drugs and devices are intentionally designed to destroy an early embryo by preventing it implanting and growing in the womb. In this way it is destroyed, mostly unbeknown to the mother or father.

It has been deceitfully and stealthily assumed on the public's behalf that the first days of life after conception are unimportant and can be obliterated within the unknowing parents. Millions of these unborn children, many of whom would rightly be the 'first born', are being flushed into the sewers and garbage of the world during menstruation.

Most women on the pill almost certainly conceive and abort by some estimates at least once per year -
Two or three times with some varieties of the pill and especially if using an IUD. Sensibility suggests,
even once per lifetime is too often because a child is dead and the proper order of generation is estroyed. Most parents are unaware, but their soul sees and remembers. They are mothers and fathers forever. Even of their dead children. There is nothing that is presently hidden, that will one day not be known.

Like a branch from a tree burned for heat, or like a uranium rod in a nuclear reactor,
the process of death releases an abundance of harnessable power. The energy that transforms
and holds the formlessness of spirit into structured matter of this physical realm - including our bodies, is released when body and spirit separate through death.

This energy is immensely greater than even atomic energy and can be harnessed and used to further subdue those (and their generations) involved. This is the essence of animal and human sacrifices to evil deities. They become drunk on the essence flowing from death. The modern high-tech power stations with which to subjugate and manipulate humanity are the 'stealth death generators' in the microcosm. Therein is the bondage..... As humanity sows, so it will reap.

These drugs and devices will one-day be seen as the most devastating innovations of humanity.
They destroy not only the proper descendancy of people, but individual integrity, especially onscience and honesty and ultimately the fabric of society.

A disregard for early life becomes established through acceptability in research fraternities and IVF clinics in which millions of new lives are generated and the vast majority flushed into oblivion. The family becomes enslaved, misguided and lamed. A subtle destructive and malicious parental mindset develops. It initiates and sets precedence to violence and perversities while metabolically and Psychically attacking the unborn child in utero.

This mindset destroys romance, hopes, aspirations and renders life meaningless. It turns womanhood into a disposable, drug corroded, drug modified, pleasure unit. It precipitates generalised drug abuse
(an expression of hopelessness) and induces violence as a potential trait within surviving offspring.

This trait is later triggered via catalysts like television and game violence, which itself is largely a roduct of this mindset. A vicious, insidious and lethal cycle is birthed. Illegal drug abuse and its consequences are consequential, secondary and relatively trivial to these induced conditions.

The ingredients of gestation are not merely the metabolites and nutrients of the mother.
The thoughts and attitude of both mother and father profoundly influence the nature and wellbeing of the unborn child and are the foundations of the relationship to their child. Once the pattern of new-life and drug-death is established in the womb, death and violence are naturalised within the parental physiology and psyche. Death and violence become optional expressions - traits within the thoughts, words and deeds of the parents, the parental psyche and then society. Abortion, euthanasia and infanticide appear increasingly acceptable, normal and useful. Carnage inflicted in the microcosm
billows and brims into the visible reality. Blood flows in the streets, homes, schools and work places.

"Come die in me" becomes the unconscious and (mostly) subliminal catch phrase of wounded womanhood. The womb becomes a tomb, in which both die, in which both hijack each others' souls
into self-helplessness forever. In some cases maybe for eternity. This astral cemetery of the unborn
will one day need to be salvaged.

This insidious condition precedes, generates and fuels the abortion industry. Standards that were once ugly and repulsive become agreeable, acceptable and useful. "Partial birth abortion" and the condoning of sinister and barbaric experimentation on live and viable human foetuses is evidence enough that society is horribly degrading and Sociological Decay due to The Pill.


Prolife activity is superficial and likely futile unless it also addresses the abortifacient factor...
Humanity breeds only disunity and inevitable self-destruction. Studies indicate 80% of relationships disintegrate in the first year after abortion. No couple can remain together lovingly once their Microcosm union has been wilfully severed and destroyed. This microcosm severing merely tears upwards until it reaches the tangible adult reality. Without genuine regret, the couple cannot hold onto each other.

Unconscious or naive severing (such as through abortifacients) similarly generates destructive forces that opportunistically combine with other individual frailties then overwhelm and overburden the couple into mutual abuse and disintegration.

We watch the obliteration of loving union and the nuclear family. Single parenthood becomes a norm through abandonment. Death infliction approaches a critical rate. The rate begins to climb towards verticality and into death-chain-reaction. For more discussion read:

What can be done?

Love is always healing, therapeutic and liberating. If your acts of professed 'love' have by-products of death and misery, begin by attending to these acts. Why plant seeds if you do not want them to grow?
Begin the escape from a world of mere consequence. Regain meaning and purpose in everything you think, say and do. Especially because well-being in eternity (through generation) is at stake.

To be continued.

The household conspiracy.

Why does humanity deserve the current array of so many misguided leaders? There are a number of reasons, but a four decade old project to control and reformulate society's sense of right and wrong leads into almost every household. Now fabricated 'truth' blinds and governs society and its leaders.
Drug company executives, medical leaders, politicians and government officials were all drawn into the conspiracy through their own frailties to mislead and deceive the world's en-masse public into accepting The Pill. The Pill is not a contraceptive but an abortifacient. It kills unborn offspring. Social psyche has been poisoned and lulled into acceptance of death as a commodity of convenience. The souls of society's dead progeny are stolen. Society is possessed.

The following websites are a sample of evidence that The Pill does cause early abortions and that this information is suppressed from the general public.


The Pill: How it works and fails.

Strategic Deception:

AMA Votes Against Abortion Disclosure

Prose - "The Great Deception Of The Epoch"

A Declaration of Life by Physicians

By Jose A Bufill - Detroit Free Press (May 11 2000)

The Pill Caused Unprecedented Marital Breakdown In Western World

Forty years ago, the birth control pill changed American sexuality. The world is now a different place. According to Princeton University historian Lawrence Stone, "The scale of marital breakdown in the West since 1960 has no historical precedent that I know of and seems unique." To what extent can this be attributed to the Pill?

In 1960, oral contraceptives were first marketed to American women. For the first time ever, women were handed a biological on-off switch to control their fertility. Hailed by some as the last, long-awaited step on the march toward women's reproductive rights, the prospect of asserting near complete control over baby-making came as a shock to most.

Social engineers understood that they would need to push the Pill slowly before the practice of contraception could take root and flourish. They first approached married women, offering them a private, reliable way to space their babies. Back then, to prescribe the Pill to unmarried women would be an invitation to immoral behavior.

It didn't take long for traditional sensibilities to dull. By the end of 1970s, oral contraception passed from being an intensely personal -- and at times distasteful -- practice to a popular, liberating expression of newfound freedoms, and in some circles nothing less than a civic duty.

At last, men and women could mate without the looming risk of unwanted children. For the first time ever, sex and its perks were effectively disengaged from procreation.

What we sadly overlooked was the damaging logic inherent to contraceptive practice, the mentality that acceptance of contraception gradually imposed on our society: If sex without babies is now possible and even preferable, why not sex without marriage? Thanks to the Pill, sex could be promoted as pure recreation, so why not try any and all varieties?

After 40 years, it's time to take stock of the effects of the Pill on our society. Contraception corrupts authentic human sexuality, damaging family life at its root. Sex is meant to be an intimate dialogue; a full, uninhibited exchange between a man and woman. A tie that truly binds. With their dialogue, the couple help create a new "word" never before expressed: a new life.

Contraception makes sex a monologue. The only word uttered is a resounding "me." Contraceptive sex is monotonous because nothing truly new and exciting emerges from it. When new life is removed from sex, the source of sex's vitality and meaning withers and dies.

By accepting the practice of contraceptive sex as a legitimate expression of our humanity, the language of contraception gradually seeps into and undermines every aspect of family life. Almost imperceptibly, the prospect of new human life becomes subordinated to mutual gratification. A child is no longer seen as a gift valued for his or her own sake, but as a product retained or discarded on a whim. The contraceptive mind-set inclines us to view children like any other commodity: "I'll get one when I can afford it."

Spouses gradually begin to view themselves as accomplices trying to balance competing interests, rather than equal partners bound together by love for life. Almost imperceptibly, their relationship becomes an affirmation of the "me," not of the "us."

The language of contraception is this: Pleasure and convenience first, people second. Most of us might find it difficult to recognize this attitude explicitly in our own lives, yet who could deny that it has become the prevailing attitude in our society? After 40 years, the effects of this mentality are painfully obvious.

Statistical data point to a devaluation of family life on every front. The United States has high rates of divorce and abortion, teenage pregnancy and unwed motherhood, fatherless families and adolescent suicide.

It would seem that the only persons liberated by the Pill were men, freed from the responsibility of children and fatherhood. Their partners learned the hard way that sex without babies means sex without commitment, and sex without commitment is no fun. American families should open their eyes and recognize the promise of contraception has not been fulfilled. After 40 years it is clear that enduring family values have very little to do with family planning.