Heaven on Earth Project

The Heaven On Earth phrase of this project illustrates humanity's highest aspiration.

Heaven on earth is the point at which all our individual and collective hopes and efforts from across the ages of humanity are fulfilled.
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It is the point at which we are freed by the truth.
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Jerusalem's (sealed) Golden Gate... according to Jewish belief the gate is to be opened by the(ir) Messiah at the end of days. Its access is guarded by graves of Arabs who died defending against Jewish invasion and subsequent Israeli occupation.

... what is the key for its opening; could it be the cross ... a bridge, by way of which Ishmael's children are invited home after some 4 millennia of ostracisation in the wilderness?

As we proceed our living journey, the words of Meister Johann Eckhart, a 14th century mystic, might help to re-focus our individual tasks:

"Earth should become like heaven, so God can find a home here".

Herein are our individual and mutual tasks - to transform the things of ourselves which we sense in our heart are incompatible with heaven. When we make the change, we create a difference, a force, which in turn becomes challenged by the surrounding world. When we hold our ground, the world around us changes in consequence.

By changing ourselves, we change the world.

The world is in extreme crisis and needs our individually unique attention. The topics presented on this site are those which the author emphasises for humanity's healing.

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The above narrative engages belief which classically can be taken to mean 'a procedure to know', or in more contemporary terms an 'in-vivo applied hypothesis'.

As such, the searcher for that
which-actually-is, as opposed to that which appears to be so, remains in negotiation with truth and without falling to premature factualisation through 'beyond reasonable doubt', hopefully eventually, but tangibly, attains the indivisibility of absolute knowing.